About Us

Black's Cycle is the Comox Valley's longest standing bike shop. Established in the early 80's by entrepreneur Doug Black the shop has since changed hands to Carter Larsen. 

Originally, Doug Black was posted to the Comox Valley to teach up and coming Tutor Pilots. However when he arrived he found there was no bike shops in town capable of servicing his high end Italian bikes. With that, he bought some tools and started doing repairs out of his house. Eventually Doug was overwhelmed with neighbours, fellow officers, and people from all over town asking him to fix their bikes. This was when he decided to open his shop, and Black's Cycle was born. 

Since then Black's Cycle has carried a variety of premium bikes, been involved with the community, supported races, athletes, and the store grew into what it is today. 

Fast Forward, 30ish years later and Carter walked in the door, fresh out of high school, passionate about bikes and looking for a job. Doug interviewed Carter and saw he was a good fit for his team and brought him on board. Over the years, Carter took on more and more responsibility, learning the business, building relationships with vendors, customers, and his knowledge base. After 10 Years Doug was ready to retire, and Carter was ready to take over. 

Over the last couple years, the store has seen a complete make over, and expansion of the work shop, but maintains the same smiling faces, and great service. 

If you would like to experience the best service, the friendliest staff, and the best bikes swing on by and we're happy to help!

We currently carry the following premier bike brands: 

Forbidden Bike Co, Knolly Bikes, Cube Bikes, Moustache Bicycles, Envo Electric Bikes, Deviate Bicycles and more. 



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